In addition to the manufacture of high quality precious metal chemicals, Evans chem. Offers supporting services to its customers. These includes the recovery and refining of precious metals from secondary materials, and a business partnership approach to the development of specialized and dedicated manufacturing expertise to manufacture metal chemicals to specific customer requirement. The business partnership approach has resulted in Evans chem.


The biggest threat for users of any catalyst is their waste disposal problems. This will be the biggest strength for Evans. Catalyst waste is one of the key raw material sources for Evanss range of catalysts. This will not only strengthen the marketing ability for, but also provide waste to Evans which will lead to more cost effective input for manufacture of the oils and fats catalyst. This synergy in the operations will result in cost benefits and add to the marketing strength of the company.


Waste management is a part of our backward integration where we manufacture High Purity Nickel Salts required for manufacturing Oils & Oleochemical Catalysts.

Nickel Waste is generated from Oils & Fats Industry, Pharmaceuticals, Chemicals & Battery Industry. The Waste is usually in the form of Sludge or Powder (from Battery Industry). Environmentally sound processes are adopted to extract Nickel Salts from the Hazardous Nickel Waste.

This Sludge is separated from its liquid (Oils & Organics) content and incinerated & digested in Acids to extract Nickel Metal in form of high purity Nickel Salts like Nickel Sulphates and Carbonates. This results in a win-win situation for our customers and us. The customers get the best value for their waste, which is re-cycled into catalyst by us for a cost effective product.

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