Palladium & Refinery Catalysts
Offered range of Palladium Catalysts can be availed in granular, powder and solid based forms. These are offered in technical and bio tech grades. These are required for hydrogenation of various chemicals. Molecular weight and density of these substances vary as per their formulation.
Silver Chemicals
Silver Chemicals are available in 99% purity level. Offered in fine powder form, these chemicals are insoluble in water. These easily dissolve in ammonium hydroxide and potassium cyanide. Available in different compositions, these have 391.8 degree C boiling point and 176 degree C flash point.
Platinum Chemicals
This range of Platinum Chemicals serve as effective catalysts for hydrogenolysis as well as for hydrogenation of different elements. These are insoluble in acid and water, although these dilute in aqua regia. Offered chemicals are used for manufacturing ammines and organic acids.
Ruthenium Salts
Ruthenium Salts and Chemicals are available in solid and powder forms. These are needed for selective hydrogenation of ketones and aldehydes, for synthesis of ammonia and for decreasing aliphatic carbonyl compounds. These have maximum 99% purity level and these are suitable for high pressure prone working environment.
Cerium Salts
Get in tough with us to buy a range of Cerium Salts in different grades that can be identified by colour. These salts are white, yellowish to orange red in colour. There are many applications of these ceric salts.
Rhodium Salts Compounds
Rhodium Salts and Catalysts are accessible in crystalline powder and liquid forms. Molecular weight, melting and boiling point, composition and density of such chemicals differ. Long shelf life, non toxic formulation and ease of handling are some key features of these chemicals.
Nickel Salts
Nickel Salts have been produced as per global norms. Molecular weight, melting point and density of such chemicals depend on their composition. These have been formulated under the guidance of skilled personnel. Long storage life, precise formulation, non toxic content and versatile nature are their main features.
Bismuth Salts Compounds
Avail from us bismuth salts compounds in varieties, such as Nitrate, Carbonate, Oxide, Sulphate, etc. These available in technical, agricultural, reagent and other grades find use in labs and industrial applications.
Palladium Chemicals
Palladium Chemicals are known for their 99% purity level. These act as powerful catalysts, as synthesizing factors and also as nitrogen oxide reducers. These are unable to integrate with strong oxidizing factors and strong acids. These are hygroscopic and have large surface area.
Gold Chemical Salts
Gold Chemical Salts are non flammable and these possess excellent chemical, physical and biological features. Chemical attributes of these substances remain unaffected under different temperature conditions. Customers can avail these in nano particle, powder and liquid based forms. We offer these at reasonable price range.
Indium Compounds
Indium Compounds are offered in liquid and crystalline powder forms. These are soluble in nitric acid and sulfuric acid. Being hygroscopic, these are better to store in airtight container. These need to be kept under normal temperature. We offer these in different packaging options.

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